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Jane Galloway

Senior Adult Coordinator

JOY Senior Citizens

The name of the Senior Citizens Group is actually an anagram with the hope that as we get older we may actually get our priorities in the right order...

J = Jesus, O = Others, Y = You

The JOY Seniors are an active group, not only because they enjoy being together, but also because God has given them a love for other people as well. They are a vital and influential part of our church. They enjoy visiting others and helping where they can. It may be visiting someone who cannot come to church or helping make a quilt to raffle as a fundraiser for a needy cause. Several of our seniors volunteer through other avenues besides David Baptist Church, such as the local Hospice and area nursing homes.

They enjoy their time of fellowship with each other as well, often trying out a new restaurant or enjoying an old favorite together, usually on the second Wednesday of each month.  Finding new places to visit is a lot of fun, too, as they may travel to Myrtle Beach or Mayberry, go on a train ride through the Smokies or perhaps take a mystery tour.  Please check the calendar for scheduled activities. 

Seniors' Christmas Party


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